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Janževina Tavern lies in the heart of wine region Haloze, where generations have sustained
themselves with making wine and growing fruit. The house itself, more precisely, its eastern part, has
been standing there for over 400 years under the care of a nearby monastery Ptujska gora – Mary
sanctuary. It was extended towards the west in the second half of the 19th century, giving it the
shape it has today.

Ten years ago, it was bought by the family Mlakar, who turned it into a restaurant based,
thematically, on the golden age of Haloze (1840 – 1945). It is possibly the first fully themed Slovenian
restaurant, which is evident in its story, ambience, music, staff attire and of course cuisine. We
named the culinary delights “A walk through the flavours of our past,” and conformed them to the
standards of the 21 st century. The restaurant is currently available only after a reservation.
-Family Mlakar